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People. People are our buyers, our sellers, our teammates in all categories of life. The people you work with may be similar to you, or wildly different, but there’s no doubting this industry is all about people.

You’re a person too. Your unique skills are what define you as a REALTORĀ®, why people choose you, why you succeed.

We are all different, but intrinsically connected.

Unless we focus on our differences and use those to create barriers between us. Obstacles from connecting to each other; a problem that must be solved.

If you find yourself caught in that head space, reflect on this advice from Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook. Take some time to scale that wall, or redefine the problem you’re facing. Come back to a place where our connections to other people — all the differences and ways we are alike — can be celebrated.

Tim Cook happens to be a Queer Entrepreneur. Happy Pride Month.

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