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#Elevate2019 was a total success, and we loved hosting it. Digital marketing expert, Alex Lee, provided these incredible top digital media tips.

Top 7 Tips to Elevate Your Digital Marketing

by Alex Lee

1. Determine your target audience. It’s important to understand who you’ll be marketing to so you can deliver an effective message that will generate interest and engagement. This is called building a target persona.

2. Develop a brand voice. This can make your business identifiable and help establish trust and relationships between you and your audience through consistent messaging

3. Be authentic. People are more likely to become customers to brands that they feel are genuine. Genuine messages and ideas resonate more powerfully to people

4. Knowing how to take advantage of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can easily give you a competitive advantage against your competition. If you want to communicate with an older generation, Facebook is your best bet, whereas Instagram is perfect for delivering a message to people in their 20s-30s. Having an online presence is crucial in this generation.

5. The key to social media is to be social. Be active on your social media accounts. Posting frequently isn’t enough. It is important to engage with users so you can establish a relationship with them, making them more likely to convert.

6. Don’t focus on “vanity metrics” on social media. Vanity metrics are numbers that do not actually matter, like follower counts. Having a high follower count but low engagement is not as useful as having a low follower count but high engagement. You would rather have higher engagement because it shows that you have built a relationship with your audience which is an important factor in making them a converting customer.

7. Study your competitors. If you see a competitor that is doing well, it doesn’t hurt to check them out and see what’s working for them so you can try it out yourself. There’s no shame in getting a bit of help from someone else. You may even discover things that they’re doing wrong which give you an advantage.

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