5.5 Years of Growth

Under Announcements

With the moving dust settling, we want to look back and acknowledge how much growth, change, and achievement #T3KRealty and #T3KCommercial have had at our 5.5 years of Head Office on Cambie St.


Oakridge Plaza was home to #T3KHeadOffice for over five and a half years. Looking back at it from the vantage of our new office on West Broadway, it’s hard to believe how much growth we experienced there:

  • we increased our offices: from 5 branches to 12 locations (7 branches + 1 virtual office + 4 boutiques)
  • we increased our team: from around 200 to over #1000Agents
  • we increased our areas of business: from Realty to Realty AND Commercial
  • we increased our web presence: from one basic site to detailed sites for every region, plus social media across 5 channels, plus our blog
  • we increased our online office: from a basic interface to a comprehensive virtual office

To really get a handle on all this growth, plus our branding upgrades, watch the video to SEE the difference.

…and Opportunities

Growing our business, for us, also means creating opportunities for our Agents to develop their business. We are excited about some of our many upcoming programs for #T3K Members:

Existing Agents can view these events (and more!) in our internal calendar via the Online Office, and post to our discussion group with questions.

As we begin the next chapter of Team 3000 HQ @ West Broadway, now is a great time to #JoinTheTeam and join our #success story!