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The Support Team

Managing Brokers & Office Manager

Connect with our knowledgeable Managing Brokers & Office Manager for guidance through the many stages of your business development by: Phone, Text, Email, & Face-to-Face.
Benefit from online training opportunities like our Agent Essentials Program for contract knowledge, with MB Carol DeBoer.
Participate from anywhere; join all Managing Brokers at our Sales Meetings every Tuesday, online or at Head Office.
Learn more about our team through our Blog: #MeetTheTeam.

Conveyance Team

Direct Deposit for quick commission receipt.
With speed & accuracy, our experienced conveyance team catch deal-threatening details in time to make edits – and avoid the fallout with your Clients.
We use a paperless processing system – available at any time, wherever you are – that doubles as a CRM. It is easy to use and ensures that no deal goes unchecked or lacks the appropriate documentation to push that sale through.

Client Care Coordinator

Save time looking for resources. Our Client Care Coordinator is here to support you in finding who and what you need in a pleasant and timely manner.
Let our support team counteract the challenge of transferring-to or signing-up with a brokerage. When you join with T3K, you will be provided with a complete onboarding guide – also available 24/7 through our Online Office for quick reference – to make the change that much easier.


Online Office

All our essential resources can be found in one place.
Save time with our easy search function.
Our Online Office includes: integrated calendar, policy guides, company news, forms, branding materials, networking opportunities, and promotional options.

Paperless Processing + CRM All-In-One

Documents are submitted online: become paperless, work wherever you are, at any time.
Our processing system is easy to use and ensures that no deal goes unchecked or lacks the appropriate documentation to push that sale through.
Be audit ready: easily access your document history through our system.
Learn more about Datz Solutions: a Complete Real Estate Management System.

The Offices

Gain access to all of our branches: Agents are welcome to work in any of our offices across BC (regardless of where they are signed).
View our most recent upgrades through our virtual office tours, in-office and on our blog.
Enjoy cohesive branding and a professional feel established in numerous physical locations.
Office use without the desk fees.

Our Locations

Branch Offices: Abbotsford, Burnaby, Kelowna, Langley, North Vancouver, Surrey, Vancouver, and Victoria.

Virtual Office: Vancouver Island.

Private Offices: Downtown Vancouver, Horseshoe Bay, and Surrey.


Weekly Sales Meetings

Sign in online from anywhere or attend at T3K HQ.
Feel secure in the knowledge that our Managing Brokers are bringing you the policy updates that you need to run your business with accuracy and confidence.
Consistent scheduling ensures this communication steam is something you can rely upon.
Follow-up notes (saved to our Online Office) mean that you’ll never skip a beat.
All of our Managing Brokers attend the meeting, so if one person is unavailable, you still have the rest of the team there to support you.

Discussion Groups

Your questions answered through Peer and Broker advice.
Our active internal network across BC has energy and community spirit, support, networking, fun, and visibility.
As well as online discussions, we have open house support, social media updates, plus links to events.

End of Week Newsletter

One easy email? That’s right. We save you time, space in your inbox, and notification overwhelm.
Save time looking through socials or the blog for information; we pull all the essentials in one place every week.
A complete picture of what has been and what is coming up, at a glance, with links for more.


Skip the red tape: easy access to all the information we post on our social media channels without requiring accounts or logins.
Easy to share with your followers; we have content for Buyers & Sellers, prospective Agents, and T3K Agents.
Organised by region, so you may view only the information relevant for you.

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