Vanessa B Baylen, Communications Coordinator

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Continuing our introductions of Team 3000’s amazing #Staff, this series will focus on one of our key departments: the ever-essential Communications team.

Today we meet Vanessa, Communications Coordinator:

Vanessa joined the Team in March 2019 when, due to our expansion, we needed to refocus our communication to each region we were now serving. Within her first months, Vanessa was involved in:

Vanessa has been at the helm of our blog from day 1. She undertakes the styling, organisation, and content of the End of Week Newsletter we send internally to each region of #T3KRealty Agents. She brought a fresh shine to our Agent Features and monthly Contests. She endeavours to provide consistent professional output through all our social media channels:

Vanessa is based at our Victoria office, and also helps our Agents in that region with a few things around the office.

“I’m grateful for this opportunity with Team 3000 – I love writing & editing, and with a very busy toddler, I’m so thrilled to have found a part-time role which challenges me! I love working with Rosemary and the rest of the Communications Team; I enjoy our open, collaborative dialogue and the organic way my role reshapes. I love that everything is changing and evolving; it keeps things fresh and stimulating for me.

I look forward to learning more about Real Estate; I purchased my first property young, and have always enjoyed attending Open Houses, gazing at floorplans, and envisioning renovations. I largely grew up in Australia, so I’m still getting used to how Real Estate works in BC.

My professional background is in creative writing, customer service, project coordination, events (and more!); I am thrilled to bring my diverse skills to this evolving role.”

~Vanessa B Baylen

Communications Coordinator

Select pieces Vanessa has written for Team 3000:

Select visual stories Vanessa has compiled:

Select video work & collaborations:

Stay tuned for the next instalment of our Staff series, read more about our Managing Brokers, or simply meet the whole team!

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