Celebrating Entrepreneurial Dads: Mohsen

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Team 3000 Fathers Day Moshen

In honour of Father’s Day, we will be featuring one Dad weekly throughout the month of June!

Here’s what dad-of-the-week + Team 3000 Agent, Mohsen Babaee, has to say about the grand balancing act between life and entrepreneurship…

“It’s a good question: how do I balance parenting and real estate?

Since the market has cooled down, there’s been more room for parenting. I generally attend one open house a weekend, and keep one day off for the kids. They both go to daycare, which is key to allowing me the flexibility to work during the week. After 5 pm on weekdays is their time unless I have an appointment. If appointments come up during that time, I compensate for it the day after.

Right now, I’m fine that the market is slow and that I have more time for the kids. 🙂 I’d rather be with them at this stage as it does not repeat.”

Phone: (604)900.6090
Email: babaee.bc@gmail.com
Website: www.onlinelisting.ca

Stay tuned for the next installment.