Celebrating Entrepreneurial Moms: Julia

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Team 3000 Mothers Day Julia Greene

In honour of Mother’s Day, we will be featuring one Mom weekly throughout the month of May!

Here’s what mom-of-the-week + Team 3000 Agent, Julia Greene, has to say about the grand balancing act between life and entrepreneurship…

“I have three children and four stepchildren. They’re all grown so any time they give me now, I take it! They are spread across Canada, overseas and local. Balancing career with keeping in touch from afar is a challenge, but they have created a lot of business for me also. I have been in real estate for 8 years now, and the seven kids have turned into fourteen and now the grandchildren are starting to come, two so far.”

Phone: (604)219-1745
Email: juliagreenerealtor@gmail.com
Website: http://juliagreene.ourubertor.com

Stay tuned for June, when we’re celebrating Fathers all month.