Celebrating Entrepreneurial Moms: Priscilla

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Team 3000 Mothers Day Priscilla Pizarro

In honour of Mothers Day, we will be featuring one Mom weekly throughout the month of May!

Here’s what Mom-of-the-week & Team 3000 Agent, Priscilla Pizzaro has to say about the grand balancing act between life and entrepreneurship…

“My top tip for juggling parenthood and a career in real estate is to prioritize hourly, not just daily. My top priority is family, which can sometimes be challenging to a career that demands so much of me.  I work smart, keep organized and delegate well, and am ALWAYS there for the most important moments for my family. My children are often seen in my online business presence, they love being a part of my business, and they are always wanting to help with something.

Life and years fly by, so incorporating family into work is part of my business model. It guarantees that, no matter how busy the job gets, we’ll have time together and more positive memories.”

Phone: 604-202-2330
Email: priscillasellsbc@gmail.com

Stay tuned for the next installment!