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Team 3000 Greater Vancouver History

Vancouver is the nerve center and backbone of Team 3000 Realty. Unique for a company of our size, Team 3000 Realty is a BC-family owned and operated brokerage. This facilitates a centralized form of development and engagement. We are proud to be the fastest growing, singularly owned, brokerage in BC.

We began in Richmond; our first office had a clear view of the brick walls behind the Richmond Centre. With the birth of the Lifetime Membership program, we grew quickly and swiftly moved to the Ironwood Plaza. As our numbers multiplied so did the demand for our services across Greater Vancouver. At Ironwood Plaza we were lucky to find two pillars of our conveyance team: Cheryl Kehayas & Christina Kau.

After several years, we moved to our current Head Office location at 41st & Cambie, and expanded with Branches in Coquitlam and West Vancouver. The numbers grew in Coquitlam and Burnaby, leading us to establish a consolidated branch on the border of Burnaby and Coquitlam. Our current Burnaby Branch is at the crossroads of many developing communities within the Lower Mainland.

In 2018 our West Vancouver Branch moved to its current North Vancouver location, serving more members and further developing relationships in that community.