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Team 3000 Okanagan Hitory

We began serving this community in October 2017, following interest from several Agents who had moved to the Okanagan and regretted having to leave our Team.

Following that interest, the West Kelowna Branch Office held it’s opening in May 2018. This was an exciting move for us because it was our first physical Branch outside the Lower Mainland. As a treat, the Team from Head Office traveled from Vancouver to be at that opening, welcoming in our new Kelowna Team.

This Branch is now managed by Sandy Saunders, an incredible presence in the Kelowna Real Estate community; her energetic investment shines through this office.

Our most recent move for Team 3000 Okanagan was from our West Kelowna location to Central Kelowna. We’re excited to see the growth that will stem from that, and to serving more of the Kelowna region!