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Team 3000 Commercial President

I am the President & Director of Managing Brokers for Team 3000 Commercial and Team 3000 Realty. With 35 years in real estate, and a member of the Master Medallion Club, my expertise is in residential real estate.

“Why people should select us and work with our team is we’re a unique group of very experienced, diligent, thoughtful brokers who bring a creative solution to a challenging process.”

~ David Bull, Team 3000 Commercial Agent

In 2007, after years of searching for the right brokerage, I decided to create my own solution: #T3KRealty. For over 10 years, we have developed a platform enabling sustainable and rewarding careers; in 2019, we surpassed #1000Agents.

I love the excitement that comes with realizing a dream, whether it’s a first home or that first deal. I like to see Agents spend their money and resources in the right places – themselves and their businesses – not on corporate expenses.

The key to success is to keep your goals in focus and stay current through continuing education, networking, and asking the right questions.

Louie Pulice
President & Director of Managing Brokers
Team 3000 Commercial

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