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In July we produced (with services by roomvu) an opportunity for T3K Agents to “Up Their Branding Game” plus preview our new HQ — and what a result! A curated experience which made T3K Agents feel like movie stars, and produced a plethora of professional headshots and videos for their career development!

Today we meet a #T3KAgent duo who participated in our July event: Amir & Parviz Sharif. Enjoy this digital introduction and learning more about these Agents.

“Our clients will know us as trustworthy, honest and ambitious people, who will always put their needs above anything else.”

~ Amir Sharif

604.626.9225 | amir@sharifrealestate.com | sharifrealestate.com

~ Parvis Sharif

604.839.7279 | psharifnejad@gmail.com | sharifrealestate.com

Coming to Vancouver this September is another opportunity for Real Estate Professionals to raise their brand; keep your eyes peeled for #Elevate2019

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